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I grew up in a small railway town and our primary mode of travel outside was by train. As a small child, I enjoyed the illusion of movement when the train on the side track started moving, though our train was still very much stationary. This illusion persisted only as long as I was focused on the other train. However when I looked at the ground below, the reference changed and I was back to reality. With this new perspective, when I looked at the moving train I saw it moving and I was aware of our train being where it was. This was probably my first exposure to the theory of relativity 🙂

Recently after many years, this experience came back quite vividly to me when I was thinking of the years gone by and years ahead. Till I recalled this childhood experience, I had a feeling of rushing ahead in time, almost as if being driven by a force over which I had little or no control. But the moment I remembered the train illusion, suddenly another perspective came in view. I was very still in a thin slice of the time called “The present”, while observing and enjoying as new events and occurrences opened up in front of my eyes. It was like immense variety and never imagined beauty unfolding before my eyes. It was a totally different experience. I was fully alert & attentive, the feeling of helplessness had vanished and I felt completely at peace with myself.

Though the feeling at that moment was one of elation, due to it being a very different and totally new experience, another part of my mind was thinking that all experiences are not same, some are quite painful. But the very awareness of this contradiction also led to resolution of this conflict; as I realized that nature by itself is neutral and beautiful. It is only when we interact with it, the contradictions arise. How we handle these experiences is totally up to us; we have complete control over it if we choose to do so.

This was a great experience till I eventually got back, but somehow I was also changed forever. Really surprising how small memories from the distant past can give totally unexpected turn to one’s way of looking at the world and oneself.



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  1. Raja, tuze barechase blog mi wachale aahet. ha wachatana Daund chi aathawan zali. banda bhanap.

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