Tools have the power to change our lives

April 9, 2012 at 10:19 am | Posted in Blogroll, Out of my mind, Real-life experiences | 1 Comment

Recently I changed my cell phone from Blackberry to Samsung Galaxy Note. I was using older model of Blackberry, mainly to manage my mails. The smartphone has, just in a few days changed how I interact with others, how I spend my time and even how I think. Let me explain,

It has suddenly opened up a new world. Earlier, I was using BlackBerry mainly for mails and occasionally for phone. So if I needed to click a picture, I would wait till I was near my camera. When I wanted to have video conferencing, I was looking for the laptop, and so on. But now everything is in one place. I do, what I want, when I want. It has completely changed my interactions with others.

Now I spend far less time on things where getting to the tool itself sometimes took lot of time and I spend more time exploring the untried. That in turn opens up new possibilities. The way I organize information has also started changing dramatically.

As I write these lines, I am wondering what exactly are tools. In a way, they include anything that helps us to do things better and faster. They include physical as well as mental tools. Even processes and automation are tools in that sense.

When we are habituated to certain tools, they become our extension. We use them almost without thinking or being aware of them. However, higher the dependence greater are the risks. I remember in old days, when I once misplaced my address book, it was so tough till I found it. Recently a friend of mine, who is not tech savvy, told me that he keeps three copies of his physical address book – one at home, one in office and one in his car. In today’s world this appears an over-kill. But it underlines the extent of dependence on tools and how far we may go to avoid the risk of not having them handy.

What we consider as part of us and what as external tools is relative. It depends on how we define our identity. You may like to check

Are our hands & feet or eyes & ears part of us or just tools? Depends on who we think we are. In a lighter vein, those who are attached to their families consider it as an integral part of themselves; others may consider family members as mere tools. It is the person’s viewpoint.

Have you also experienced the power of tools?



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  1. Karve Sb , i am a blackberry user for years . Why dont u detai out as to how Galaxy note has changed u , what are the aps that Blackberry doesnt have or Galaxy note has better. what abt BBM ? dont u miss it on Galaxy note ?

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