Last weekend at the Agile India 2012

February 27, 2012 at 9:42 am | Posted in Blogroll, Practice Excellence, Scrum and agile, Structured freedom | 2 Comments
Last week I was at the Agile India 2012 conference where over 750 people from 18 countries had assembled. I had a great opportunity to listen to a wide range views and experiences as well as to meet and interact with some great people.
I also got a chance to speak on “Structured freedom with rules and strategies“. Though it sounds like a complex and abstract subject it is really simple. Once we understand it, we can use it in a variery of situations in all walks of our life.


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  1. Hello Prabhakar,

    You have nicely laid down the rules and the strategies to be followed. Thanks for the update as I could not make it to the event.

  2. […] agile software development as I had covered in my talk at the recent Agile India 2012 conference which has a link to my presentation at the conference. For the benefit of those who were not there […]

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