Power of collaboration

February 6, 2012 at 10:33 am | Posted in Blogroll, Real-life experiences | 2 Comments

Recently I attended a marathon brainstorming session lasting 6 hours. When it was over, we were amazed by the extent of progress we had achieved.

At the other extreme was a case last week. I write a new post for my blog every Monday. Though I share my views and ask for response / feedback from readers, including the members of LinkedIn groups I am member of. The response to this request is very meager. Last week, when I was burning mid-night oil to complete my blog post, my wife made a suggestion, which took her probably just a few seconds, that if I want to get feedback from my readers, I must actively involve them. It triggered the realization that I need to take a very different approach so far untried by me. Next day, I posed a simple one-liner question to the group members asking for help. The response was simply overwhelming. I had never imagined that so many persons would take time out and share their experiences and make some wonderful suggestions. I experienced the real power of collaboration.

When I think back, even my wife’s suggestion was part of collaboration. Her perspective which was very different from mine led me in unfamiliar territory and opened up new opportunities for me.

Few takeaways from these experiences of last week, Different perspectives add value to the collaboration. Interaction time to create this value can vary widely. An open mind ready to try the unfamiliar leads to unexpected results. You can’t predict in advance the outcome because as they say “one thing leads to another”. The real power of collaboration lies in the synergy at play.

Your views and inputs are valuable; please share.



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  1. I had the opportunity of attending a course at Tata Management Trg. Centre, during my tenure at TELCO. In this coures we had undertaken a NASA game. Collective ,honest decision making brings out the best results, was proven beyond doubt, by this game.

  2. I did not get an answer on why your first attempt (blog) did not pull due response (which it truely deserves). Asking a question is like provoking a person to share his/her views from similar back ground / experience. However, it truely does not reflect all that you wanted to say.

    My advice would be to insert specific questions in your blogs. (Probably a general question to share comments / thoughts won’t help much). This would make people understand your views and share their’s. I honestly request you not to stop your blog passion, because of lack of comments / response.

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