2012 – New Year commitments

January 2, 2012 at 10:02 am | Posted in Blogroll, Self Improvement | Leave a comment

It is quite common to make New Year resolutions and forget them soon after, as the New Year turns into the current year. I have also done it from time to time. However this year I want to try a different approach. Instead of resolutions, I am making commitments to myself. We can try to fool the whole world but we can never fool ourselves. Hence there is a better chance that I will keep these commitments 🙂

Main objective of making these commitments is to live life to the fullest by my values, while increasing contribution through my actions & interactions.

My first commitment to myself – I will be careful before making a promise to others; but once I make that promise, I will ensure keeping it.

My Second commitment to myself – I will firmly yet politely say “No” to the temptation of getting pulled in activities which neither interest me nor I have time or talent for. I will especially watch out for small requests which turn out to be a thin end of the wedge. I will use the space thus created for really contributing something worthwhile for which I have interest time and talent.

My third commitment to myself – I am basically an introvert and tend to limit myself to the known. So I will open out more to explore new ideas and experiences. However if something does not interest me even after trying it, I may not continue with it.

My fourth commitment to myself – I prefer bonding with others through shared work rather than through social interactions. Hence I will seek out and utilize more and more opportunities for short stints of meaningful work

My fifth commitment to myself – Whenever I notice something unusual, I will promptly share it with others who can do something about it, and follow it up with patience and perseverance. Every day I come across more and more cases where such sharing is able to bring about permanent changes for the better, where everyone concerned benefits.

And my last but not the least commitment to myself – I commit to keep all the above commitments, Amen.


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