Good practices – Push pull or share information

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We waste lot of time in avoidable communication related to giving and getting information. There are different ways in which information can flow between individuals and systems. Pull is when we ask for information as and when we require it, and keep asking repeatedly till we get it because we need it. Push is when we pass the information to others as and when it becomes available to us, sometimes even to those who don’t need it. Pull & push are normally applicable to one-to-one communication. However, there are situations where many information providers and / or information receivers are involved. In such cases, a good practice is to share through a common known place of which both the providers and receivers are aware.

The waste of efforts comes into play as follows,
Pull – In case the receiver is not aware when the information will be available to the provider and / or the provider does not bother to supply the information even after it becomes available to him
Push – In case the provider is not aware of whether & when the information is needed by the receiver and / or the receiver does not bother to keep the provider informed
Share – In case the participants are not aware of the existence of such a share having been set up and / or there is no efficient system to provide alerts to those interested

The cost to individuals, teams and the organization in terms of time & efforts wasted, as well as increased risks due to information not being available when needed, can be huge and generally are not measured.

I don’t think any examples are required as each of us faces this problem day in and day out. The solution is fairly simple; it is actually a no-brainer and definitely not a rocket science. All concerned should,

  • Care for the needs of other participants and do their part with integrity and commitment
  • Take care to set up good communication protocols with other participants and respect them
  • Practice these till they become part of the culture

The resulting savings are worth the effort as it will make extra space available to devote time to the missed opportunities. Your views and inputs are valuable; please share.


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