Importance of taking a break from routine

September 26, 2011 at 10:10 am | Posted in Blogroll, Out of my mind | Leave a comment

This weekend we returned from our vacation to U.S. with our son’s family including their new born daughter. Over the weekend, I have tried to retrospect on what I did apart from playing with our grand-daughter. I read a few books I had wanted to read for quite some time. I wanted to get comfortable with Linux shell scripts as also try my hand practicing BDD with cucumber + RoR. I did all this and felt happy about it. But above all, I got a chance to think of my priorities and to examine whether I was spending adequate time to meet those.

During our routine day-to-day work, we do look at which of our practices can be improved. But this is like refactoring the code. It needs a break to really look at refactoring the design. We can then see where there is duplication and how we can combine some of our practices as well as break some practices into smaller ones to make them simpler. The vacation also gave an opportunity to complete quite a bit of work in progress and having done that it gave me a lighter feeling.

But what really helped me was to take a view from 10,000 feet and see my whole life and work in perspective. Unlike day-to-day routine where I keep on adding to the complexity, the break helped me to subtract and cut-out unwanted complexity.

I hope that like in the past, the break this year would also help me make my life & work simpler, more productive and more enjoyable when I am now back to the routine.



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