A tale of two mirrors

September 19, 2011 at 8:08 am | Posted in Blogroll, Out of my mind | 1 Comment

Yesterday while I was shaving an interesting thing happened. There were two mirrors perpendicular to each other and as always I was looking at the mirror in front. While shaving, to pick up something I moved to the side and saw myself in the second mirror which was reflecting my image in the first mirror. I thought why not try to shave myself looking in this second mirror. It was a funny experience because as I would move my hand to the left thinking that it would move towards left of my face, it was actually moving to the right. It was an unsettling experience. However hard I tried to move it, looking at the second mirror based on my years of habit of looking at the first mirror, it was always moving in the wrong direction and at one point I almost cut myself. To be able to shave properly, I had to think hard and consciously & intentionally move it in the opposite direction of where it wanted to go. Then I tried another thing. I looked in the second mirror to guide me, but focused my mind on moving in the direction I wanted to move; like if my intention was to move to left I would tell my hand to move it to left. I could now synchronize my hand with my mind and this worked much better. It was a funny experience & I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Later when I was thinking, the significance of this unusual experience suddenly dawned on me. Right from birth, we have seen ourselves only in the mirror of what others appear to see us as, like in the first mirror. But it is only an illusion and generally quite the opposite of what we really are. Occasionally when we are able to see us really as others see us (second mirror), which is much nearer to what we actually are, without being influenced by our illusion (first mirror) it can be quite unsettling. But this again is an illusion though a much nearer to reality. Finally, only when we are able to use the inputs from others but let our actions be guided by our inner self, then only can we be sure that our actions move in the right direction. It was a revelation worth trying out in practice.

Does it make sense? Let me know your views.


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  1. Let us Consider another interesting situation: Start Rotating your Right hand in clock wise direction, and in parallel start rotating you right leg in anti clock wise direction.So, you will be surprised to know that both your right hand & right leg are rotating in either clock wise direction and or in anti clock wise direction.

    Perfection requires lot of practice.“Practice always gives Experience”. Some time you learn from your experience and some time from other practice (Experience) of other. But when you learn from, you will always get less then 100%.

    Best Example of practice and concentration is when Arjun targeted a fish eye, by observing the shadow of fish in water (Second mirror). So I agree with you, let our actions be guided by our inner self (Practice).

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