Importance of a disentangler

August 15, 2011 at 8:13 am | Posted in Blogroll, Organizational Excellence, Systems Improvement | 2 Comments

I recall an interesting incident which happened a few weeks back which I think I must share with you. I was driving from my home to office. When I reached and turned on the main Agra Bombay Road, as usual traffic from all directions was converging near the lifeline hospital and everybody was trying to get ahead of each other. It is a common occurrence and as usual no traffic cop was in sight to resolve it.

What was uncommon that day was a person going on a bicycle stopped and parked it on the side. He then came near the point of traffic jam and started directing it to make the vehicles move out wherever he found some space. This had an almost electric effect on others and everybody was cooperating with him. Within minutes the bottleneck had disappeared and traffic was moving smoothly. The bicycle person quietly picked it up and was on his way.

It was both an enlightening as well as a humbling experience. We come across many such cases where all of us are looking to our narrow interests and unmindful of the effect on the overall system, may it be the family, organization or even the economy. We need somebody to disentangle the mess we create for ourselves. Can we be the disentangler next time around?

Your views and inputs are valuable; please share.



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  1. I promise ! An eye-opener indeed .

    Wish i had bicycle :))

    • Your promise matters a lot, because you walk the talk 🙂

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