My New Year resolution for 2011

December 31, 2010 at 5:19 pm | Posted in Blogroll, Out of my mind, Self Improvement, Systems Thinking | 1 Comment

Last year on Dec 31, I had shared here my New Year resolution for 2010. The main theme of the resolution was to be “completely SELFISH”. What was meant by selfishness was that we have every right to take care of our interests. As I had said “Who better than ourselves to take care of our interests; everybody else is busy (whether they admit it or not) taking care of their interests. I have a right as well as responsibility to look after my interests”. There was an interesting paradox “When we are forced or force ourselves to be selfless, we end up being selfish in a narrow sense and feel guilty about it. Whereas, if we accept that it is okay to be selfish, have the right & responsibility to look after our interests, the guilt is gone. After the superficial needs are met we tend to move towards our deeper needs. Since we are all connected, we automatically & willingly do things which involve and help others. In the process, we end up doing what was the intention in the first place of being selfless and at the same time feeling good about it.”

I sincerely practiced it through the year and it was a great experience which was captured in my recent post of 6th Dec “Who am I? i or I?”. Basically, what we are is what we identify with. Our identification is influenced by our early childhood experiences, our likes & dislikes as well as our value system. But we can also consciously expand our identification with the systems we participate in or interact with. Such identification helps us to contribute wholeheartedly to what is good for these systems. The systems in turn start paying back to us with what is good for us.

Now for the New Year 2011, I want to take a step further. I want to work to increase the energy flow in the systems I identify with. Every system has many bottlenecks. They hinder the smooth flow of energy within the system. This is beautifully captured by Dr. Eli Goldratt in his “Theory of constraints”. The bottlenecks are different kinds, physical financial psychological as well as cultural. They determine the overall output of the system. As we remove the existing bottlenecks, new ones start showing up. It is an ongoing process. Progressively, the system starts moving more freely with greater output.

Another important side effect of the bottlenecks is clogging in the system which starts producing toxins and poisoning the system. These toxins create the negativity and seriously affect the health of the system. Removal of bottlenecks leads to free flow of energy, which in turn clears away the accumulated toxins leading to a more healthy system. I would therefore like to focus on identifying and removing the bottlenecks and the resultant toxins in the systems I participate in or interact with and would like to share my experience here from time to time as we move together through 2011.

As I proceed on this journey, I expect to find many more opportunities to do what I plan to do but may become limited by resources. The obvious resources that come to mind are time, money and attention. Not so obvious ones are my capabilities and the level of risks I can afford to take. I hope to learn on the way how to prioritize these scarce resources. But I am certainly looking forward to an exciting and eventful journey.


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  1. Wow, i absolutely had no idea that you are such a wonderful writer sir.

    Recognized me??
    Neha – Indore Management Association

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