No option – No tension

October 11, 2010 at 2:58 pm | Posted in Blogroll, Out of my mind, Systems Thinking | 1 Comment

This morning there was an interesting incidence. In our area where we live, a major electrical shut down of eight hours was to start at 8 am. My wife was little concerned as she wanted to start the washing m/c. When lights did not go off till 8:15 pm she got hopeful that the shutdown might have been delayed or cancelled so we started calling the utility’s office with expected response that their line was busy. We wanted to then call up the high tension station to find out whether she had enough time to complete the washing cycle but we didn’t have their number. And so on it went thinking of different alternatives when suddenly the power was switched of. Surprisingly, her instant reaction was one of relief when she said “Now I have no tension” because there is no option but to wait till 4 pm.

This set me thinking. Normally we assume that more the options better it is, but this was a new way to look at it. Another incidence popped up. Couple of days back one of our close relative passed away at a relatively young age after a prolonged and painful illness. We know what the family had gone through during this period. There would be a ray of hope and suddenly things would get even worse. They tried all possible options from conventional & non-conventional medicines. When he passed away, I could sense the deep grief but I now feel there tension would have gone away because there is no option left.

What implications would this different way of looking at things have for me? Obviously, I would no more blindly assume “More the options better it is”. I would probably consider why we want more options. One possibility is our assumption that more the options better a chance to find the best solution. But is it always true. More options means more work to detail out and try those options.

Even assuming that more options are good, still why the tension? I think it arises from our attachment to the outcomes. We want something to happen for us to feel good and we want something else not to happen to save us from the pain. This attachment gives rise to the tension. It would be worth exploring to see if attachment can be reduced, does the tension come down.

Lastly as I mentioned in one of the earlier post, I have increasing started trusting my inner voice and depending on it to guide me in the right direction. Once I listen to it in full faith and shift to putting it in action, I find that there is hardly any tension. More I have believed in it, stronger the signal and in most of the cases things have gone in the right direction. Even when in a few cases they did not, there was fun in having tried it as well as lot of learning for future.

As always, I am looking forward to your views and experience.

Note: After reading the above post, a friend of mine shared an interesting link at
I feel you may like to have a look at it.

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  1. hi>>it is a nice write up…reminded me of j krishnamurthy’s books….i hope u understand what i mean..hehe…

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