What spirituality means to me

June 14, 2010 at 9:28 am | Posted in Self Improvement | 2 Comments

For many years now, I have been reading books of all kinds. One such area is spirituality. I have always been put off by what appears authoritative & directive in nature. You are expected to blindly follow what is preached; no questions to be asked. I have also kept away from the teachings of established religions.

What has attracted me is what triggers my thinking and lets me explore further. In this long journey, I have been particularly impressed by three authors, J Krishnamoorty, Eckhart Tolle and Stephen Batchelor. I have read quite a few books of the first two whereas I recently read the book “Beyond buddhism” by Batchelor. All three have a lot in common. They don’t preach; they share. At heart they are all rebels; Krishnamoorty even gave up being the world leader of theosophical society because he felt constrained by its organizational structure. What they say makes a lot of sense to me.

I have put some of their ideas in practice and find them extremely useful. Naturally, what I find useful I want to share with others. Their ideas are so simple and beautiful. Yet it is so tough to convey them clearly to others. One of my friends, who is very practical & down to earth told me last week quite frankly (even bluntly) to cut the crap and just put it to him in a few simple sentences. That was a real challenge. I kept thinking over the weekend. What is the distilled version is given below.

“Ego, the sense of being separate from others, feeds on itself and acts as a strong filter between us and the reality. Fighting against it only strengthens it further. Just watching it in us & others as it plays its games slowly starts dissolving it. Only then can we see the reality of our interconnectedness will everybody & everything else which is so peaceful and full of energy.”

This is in stark contrast to some of the prevalent thoughts that I keep coming across,

  • Spirituality is for old age; enjoy life while you are young
  • Spirituality is difficult to comprehend, hence follow what the Guru says
  • Spirituality requires self-discipline, self-denial and sacrifices

Whereas the approach cited above is so simple easy and wonderful; anybody at any age can practice it and reap the immense benefits. You don’t have to go to mandir church or mosque; you don’t have to inflict pain & suffering on yourself; you don’t have to blindly follow the scriptures rituals or saints. One needs only to be intensely aware and to be fully in the present moment.

I had always wondered why the good guys in movies & TV serials (and even in real life too) always seem to be losing, whereas the bad guy is watching, one step ahead & in control. I think the answer lies in the fact that the good guys are so convinced of the superiority of their goodness that they fail to see the reality beyond their filters; whereas the bad guy has an agenda to win and has to be aware & alert. Moral of the story, be good but don’t be too wrapped up in your goodness, see the world for what it is in all its shades.

Hope my friend has the answer 🙂



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  1. hi papa,
    a nice blog….something i share an interest in too…its true when you say that some books are too directive in nature. its all about what one feels comfortable reading, understanding and implementing.
    about the friend…i can only guess…because there is only one person who can be brutally frank with you…you know whom i mean..hehee..is it?

  2. Nice blog… My guess is the same as shilpa’s 🙂

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