Helping others to change

May 10, 2010 at 4:18 am | Posted in Systems Improvement | Leave a comment

There are situations where we are either responsible for bringing about a change in others or want to help them when they desire to change. Few days back, I had posted on this blog the conceptual aspects of three “A”s of change management. The three “A”s are Awareness -> Acceptance -> Action. Anyone who wants to help change another can benefit from it.

When a person is used to doing things or thinking in a certain way, he tends to become blind to the reality. He is comfortable in his cocoon. It helps if we help by making him aware of the situation. Otherwise, nature has its own way of showing the reality which might be harsh.

Even when the person becomes aware, it does not mean he will readily accept the need to change. The temptation to remain in the comfort zone can be quite strong. We can help him by making him visualize the better future; how it will look & feel. You can help him with suitable ways to reach that new reality.

These two steps are essential but not necessarily sufficient. Awareness of reality and desire to change may not necessarily result in action. If we see that the old behavior is still continuing, we may have to create conditions where it is easier to adopt new behavior or difficult to continue with the old one.

These tips can be useful whether we are dealing with our children, spouse or even with our parents. Similarly, at work we may wish to change people reporting to us, our peers or those senior to us. The actions to be taken in each case would depend upon the situation as well as nature of the person we are dealing with. Please try it out. I would be keen to know what worked and what did not.


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