Three ‘A’s of change management

April 12, 2010 at 9:41 am | Posted in Out of my mind, Systems Improvement | Leave a comment

Everything that we do has change in it in some form or the other.

At the lowest level, even when we are repeating the same thing over and over again, still it is changing something for those with whom we interact. For example, we come to office every day. But the fact that we have come to office enables us to change certain things which otherwise would not have been possible. Another example, software developed by us may keep repeating same steps but the persons who are using it may be different and their lives are changing because of it.

At the next level, we may do things differently. We start new actions, drop old actions or do the existing actions in different ways. All this involves some change for us as well as others.

At a still higher level, we may change the way we think. Our assumptions & beliefs change, either as a result of external factors or out of our own volition.Depending on the nature of this change, there may be profound changes, both now and in a long run.

Whatever the nature of change it always follows a three step process; Awareness -> Acceptance -> Action. Understanding this process helps us to manage change better for ourselves. It will also help us to put right efforts while bringing about the desired change in others by being aware of which stage of the process the person concerned is currently in. It will be waste of time & efforts if we keep trying assuming that he is at a given stage whereas he is at a different stage.

Lets give this a thought as well as try it out in practice. It may make us into master of change management.


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