Close the open loops

February 22, 2010 at 10:44 am | Posted in Organizational culture | Leave a comment

Last week a colleague of mine made an observation that the owner of any initiative is not only responsible for carrying out different actions but more importantly to also close the initiative. He said that most of the time, it is stuck at the last mile. I felt that this approach is quite important for us in every walk of life and we should follow this approach with all our open loops, big or small. It also made me to think of different aspects of “Close the open loops” theme which I wish to share with you.

Recently I came across an article “The agile analyst – eye for waste” at
Related to the lean software development approach, It identifies seven kinds of waste which don’t add value but rather act as bottlenecks and delays completion of tasks. If we focus on identifying and removing them, we not only add much higher value for our efforts but also are able to “Close the open loops”.

There is a very nice book titled “Getting things done” by David Allen. He suggests a very simple method of managing our day to day tasks. I have been using it for last six months and find it very useful. Main theme of this book is to keep all actions moving forward and not allow them to get stagnated. In short “Close the open loops”.

Lastly, some of my colleagues have recently gone through the landmark forum course. From what I know about this course, it helps to “Close the emotional open loops” by interacting with persons with whom we are not on good or open terms.


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