Love Hate and Indifference

February 15, 2010 at 9:18 am | Posted in Out of my mind | Leave a comment

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day. It is celebrated as a day of love and affection. The newspapers and TV kept repeating this again & again. Today when it is over, I was thinking of what is opposite of “love”. The spontaneous response was “hate”. Then I started thinking whether hate is the only alternative for love.

This reminded me of an article I read last week in The Times of India by the well known author Chetan Bhagat titled “Let’s not confuse peace with love”. It is about peace initiatives between India and Pakistan. The author makes a case for preferring peace over war for economic and developmental reasons. According to him, we should not confuse peace with love; just because peace with Pakistan is good for India we don’t have to necessarily love Pakistan or people of Pakistan. We don’t have to be necessarily involved emotionally. Similarly, those who don’t have love for it don’t necessarily have to hate it. Hate towards each other is neither good for India nor pakistan. If we don’t like each other, we can choose to be indifferent.

This approach of choosing indifference over hate for those whom we don’t or can’t love can have significant benefits to us individually in all walks of life. Hate creates emotional poison and keeps corroding our minds and thought processes. But if we choose to be indifferent, we can go about our own ways focusing on the things or persons we love. Even if we cross paths with those whom we don’t like, we don’t have to carry the baggage of hate. We can choose between different alternatives calmly and with clarity.

To me this made sense and I am going to try it out consciously more often in future. What about you?


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