Right is Might!

February 8, 2010 at 5:18 am | Posted in Software Engineering | Leave a comment

Recently I read a book “Whole new mind” by Daniel Pink. Our brain has two hemispheres, left and right. The left brain specializes in logical / sequential / analytical activities whereas the right brain is good at lateral / synthesizing / holistic thinking. According to the author, the twentieth century belonged to L(left brain) directed abilities while the twenty first century needs strong right brain abilities. The author has identified six pairs of such abilities. These are given below. Those on the left side of the pair are left brain directed and the right side is for right brain directed.   Functionality – Design
Facts – Story
Focus – Symphony
Logic – Empathy
Work – Play
More – Meaning  

He further goes on to state that the left brain activities will get increasingly comoditized and either be automated or outsourced to the developing world. Hence, the developed world should focus on building the right brain abilities which are difficult to automate or outsource. His assumption also seems to be that the Asians are not very good at right brain abilities when he says “(automation & outsourcing is) freeing professionals to do what computers and low-wage foreign technitians have a more difficult time replicating: recognizing patterns, crossing boundaries to uncover hidden connections, and making bold leaps of imaginations.”  

Indian software professionals have already demonstrated excellence to the world in left brain abilities. Now is the time to complement it by focus on building right brain abilities across wide section of these professionals.


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