Power of “I don’t know”

February 1, 2010 at 8:27 am | Posted in Out of my mind | 1 Comment

Last week, a friend of mine asked what I do at work. I said it is mostly related to being a mentor to various teams & groups. He looked puzzled. “Is it like being a coach?” he asked. I was not sure. My first reaction was to give an immediate answer whatever I thought; otherwise he may think that I don’t know what I am doing and laugh at me. There were other friends watching too. Then a thought occured to me; what if I admit “I don’t know” which was a fact. After a little hesitation I told him so. His reaction was not what I had expected; I felt relieved.

Now I had to find the answer and tell my friend about it. Obvious place to start was google. As usual there were plenty of links. I went through them and had a few thoughts of own. I shared these with mt friend yesterday. He was quite impressed.

I was surprised how much I learned because of that simple admission “I don’t know”. For the first time, my mind was completely open to the new ideas without trying to defend or be biased by what I would have said to save my face.


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  1. Great piece of sharing Karveji!
    1) Being authentic in your responses always makes you relieved and at ease!
    2) It is great to learn how saying “I don’t know” can easily result in you eventually knowing more.

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