Comparison of organization characteristics

March 9, 2006 at 11:20 am | Posted in Process Enabled Organization | 2 Comments

Last time we saw that there are three types of organizations, viz. process-starved, process-driven and process-enabled. Their typical characteristics are given below.

Process-starved  Process-driven  Process-enabled 
Focus on innovation  Focus on process  Focus on users 
Fluid  Rigid  Flexible 
Plethora of solutions  One solution fits all  Solutions to meet the need 
Continuous change  Change resisted  Change welcome 
Virtual absence of processes  Insistence on formal process  Informal processes accepted 
Users may sometimes be lost  Users feel constrained  Users enjoy working 




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  1. It’s a great insight put very concisely.

    In your previous blog you had mentioned that Start-ups start off from being a “Process Starved” organization & later have the choice of evolving themselves into Process-Driven or Process enabled ones.

    Are there particular areas in an organization that the stake-holders need to concentrate while trying to implement or evolve a Process? If yes, what are the areas that a start-up needs to concentrate at the beginning?

    Compelling as your blog is, I’d be hooked on for sure for your posts in the future…!!

  2. Hello Sir,
    I like your blog and thoughts about the processes, just want to discuss few of the doubts I have about all this “Process” thing.

    I also write a blog.In one of my post,I had shared some thoughts here

    could you please provide me your mail-id so that we can discuss.


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