Differences between organizations

March 6, 2006 at 10:48 am | Posted in Process Enabled Organization | Leave a comment

Process and innovation are the two opposite but complementary forces in all human endeavors, including organizations. Processes provide continuity and stability, whereas innovations provide change and growth. A delicate balance is required between the two to ensure smooth progress. Process is the body and innovation its soul. One is not complete without the other. 

Organizations, when they start are small, agile and quick to respond. They have no time for processes. As a result, they are starved of the benefits of processes. Once they start growing, they can either remain process-starved or adopt processes. The risk is to borrow processes without considering how it fits into their current culture and ways of working. As a result, they become process-driven. There are only a few fortunate who evolve their processes to suit their unique needs and become process-enabled. Some of the important characteristics of these three types of organizations will be given next… 


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