Difference between Knowledge and Information

March 6, 2006 at 7:58 am | Posted in Knowledge and Information | 2 Comments

To me, knowledge is what we possess and information is what we exchange. Hence information is objective and knowledge is subjective. Knowledge transfer between two entities A & B takes place as follows.

A codes its knowledge into information. The information is used by B to create / update its knowledge by decoding it and assimilating into existing knowledge that B possesses. The process of coding and decoding is complex and gives rise to all the problems as well as possibilities. We will go into these more in detail….



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  1. Hi Karve Sir,

    Good to see you’ve begun blogging.

    Given the basis of distinction you’ve drawn, I wouldn’t describe information as being objective. An exchange of mind-related matter is limited by the selective perception of the communication end-points.

    In other words, what A says to B is “some content that has A enamoured by the limitations of his own intellect” and hence any exchange is a subjective activity. It is an activity of translation of one abstraction model (the content to be exchanged) to another, and in the process of translation, there is:

    1. An error of approximation; and
    2. Loss of content

  2. my views:
    Information is like a fruit say Mango.
    Knowledge is like the calories you get after assimilating the Mango. so if you have a mango in your hand it is just information
    if you eat it, digest it then you get its real calorie value which is more fruitful.
    Think it over!

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